eventBus Package

eventBusClient Module

class openvisualizer.eventBus.eventBusClient.eventBusClient(name, registrations)

Bases: object

PROTO_ALL = ['icmpv6', 'udp']
PROTO_ICMPv6 = 'icmpv6'
PROTO_UDP = 'udp'
dispatch(signal, data)
register(sender, signal, callback)
unregister(sender, signal, callback)

eventBusMonitor Module

class openvisualizer.eventBus.eventBusMonitor.eventBusMonitor

Bases: object


Turns on/off the export of a copy of mesh-bound messages to the Internet interface, in the form of ZEP packets. Well-suited to viewing the packets in Wireshark. See http://wiki.wireshark.org/IEEE_802.15.4 for ZEP details.

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