OpenWSN Firmware

OpenWSN IDManager. More...

Data Structures

struct  debugIDManagerEntry_t
struct  idmanager_vars_t


#define ACTION_YES   'Y'
#define ACTION_NO   'N'
#define ACTION_TOGGLE   'T'


void idmanager_init (void)
bool idmanager_getIsDAGroot (void)
void idmanager_setIsDAGroot (bool newRole)
bool idmanager_getIsBridge (void)
void idmanager_setIsBridge (bool newRole)
open_addr_tidmanager_getMyID (uint8_t type)
owerror_t idmanager_setMyID (open_addr_t *newID)
bool idmanager_isMyAddress (open_addr_t *addr)
void idmanager_triggerAboutRoot (void)
void idmanager_triggerAboutBridge (void)
bool debugPrint_id (void)
 Trigger this module to print status information, over serial. More...

Detailed Description

OpenWSN IDManager.

Thomas Watteyne, August 2010

Macro Definition Documentation

#define ACTION_NO   'N'
#define ACTION_TOGGLE   'T'
#define ACTION_YES   'Y'

Function Documentation

bool debugPrint_id ( void  )

Trigger this module to print status information, over serial.

debugPrint_* functions are used by the openserial module to continuously print status information about several modules in the OpenWSN stack.

TRUE if this function printed something, FALSE otherwise.
bool idmanager_getIsBridge ( void  )
bool idmanager_getIsDAGroot ( void  )
open_addr_t* idmanager_getMyID ( uint8_t  type)
void idmanager_init ( void  )
bool idmanager_isMyAddress ( open_addr_t addr)
void idmanager_setIsBridge ( bool  newRole)
void idmanager_setIsDAGroot ( bool  newRole)
owerror_t idmanager_setMyID ( open_addr_t newID)
void idmanager_triggerAboutBridge ( void  )
void idmanager_triggerAboutRoot ( void  )