OpenWSN Firmware
rsvp.c File Reference
#include "rsvp.h"
#include "openwsn.h"
#include "openqueue.h"
#include "openserial.h"
#include "packetfunctions.h"

Data Structures

struct  rsvp_vars_t
 RSVP component. More...


void rsvp_timer_cb (void)
void rsvp_init ()
void rsvp_qos_request (uint8_t bandwith, uint16_t refresh_period, open_addr_t dest)


rsvp_vars_t rsvp_vars

Function Documentation

void rsvp_init ( void  )
void rsvp_qos_request ( uint8_t  bandwith,
uint16_t  refresh_period,
open_addr_t  dest 

this function does not have a msg as a parameter because we do not want applications know about rsvp internals. I think that the msg should be created here and send transparently to the application requesting bandwith.

void rsvp_timer_cb ( void  )

Variable Documentation

rsvp_vars_t rsvp_vars