OpenWSN Firmware
OpenQueueEntry_t Struct Reference

#include <openwsn.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t creator
uint8_t owner
uint8_t * payload
uint8_t length
uint8_t l4_protocol
bool l4_protocol_compressed
uint16_t l4_sourcePortORicmpv6Type
uint16_t l4_destination_port
uint8_t * l4_payload
uint8_t l4_length
open_addr_t l3_destinationAdd
open_addr_t l3_sourceAdd
owerror_t l2_sendDoneError
open_addr_t l2_nextORpreviousHop
uint8_t l2_frameType
uint8_t l2_dsn
uint8_t l2_retriesLeft
uint8_t l2_numTxAttempts
asn_t l2_asn
uint8_t * l2_payload
uint8_t * l2_scheduleIE_cellObjects
uint8_t l2_scheduleIE_numOfCells
uint8_t l2_scheduleIE_frameID
uint8_t * l2_ASNpayload
uint8_t l2_joinPriority
bool l2_IEListPresent
bool l2_joinPriorityPresent
uint8_t l1_txPower
int8_t l1_rssi
uint8_t l1_lqi
bool l1_crc
uint8_t packet [1+1+125+2+1]

Field Documentation

uint8_t creator
bool l1_crc
uint8_t l1_lqi
int8_t l1_rssi
uint8_t l1_txPower
asn_t l2_asn
uint8_t* l2_ASNpayload
uint8_t l2_dsn
uint8_t l2_frameType
bool l2_IEListPresent
uint8_t l2_joinPriority
bool l2_joinPriorityPresent
open_addr_t l2_nextORpreviousHop
uint8_t l2_numTxAttempts
uint8_t* l2_payload
uint8_t l2_retriesLeft
uint8_t* l2_scheduleIE_cellObjects
uint8_t l2_scheduleIE_frameID
uint8_t l2_scheduleIE_numOfCells
owerror_t l2_sendDoneError
open_addr_t l3_destinationAdd
open_addr_t l3_sourceAdd
uint16_t l4_destination_port
uint8_t l4_length
uint8_t* l4_payload
uint8_t l4_protocol
bool l4_protocol_compressed
uint16_t l4_sourcePortORicmpv6Type
uint8_t length
uint8_t owner
uint8_t packet[1+1+125+2+1]
uint8_t* payload

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