OpenWSN Firmware
forwarding.h File Reference
#include "iphc.h"

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Data Structures

struct  rpl_routing_ht
 RPL source routing header. More...




enum  { PCKTFORWARD = 1, PCKTSEND = 2 }
enum  { O_FLAG = 0x80, R_FLAG = 0x40, F_FLAG = 0x20 }


END_PACK void forwarding_init (void)
 Initialize this module. More...
owerror_t forwarding_send (OpenQueueEntry_t *msg)
 Send a packet originating at this mote. More...
void forwarding_sendDone (OpenQueueEntry_t *msg, owerror_t error)
 Indicates a packet has been sent. More...
void forwarding_receive (OpenQueueEntry_t *msg, ipv6_header_iht *ipv6_header, ipv6_hopbyhop_iht *ipv6_hop_header, rpl_option_ht *rpl_option)
 Indicates a packet was received. More...