OpenWSN Firmware
openqueue.h File Reference
#include "openwsn.h"
#include "IEEE802154.h"

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Data Structures

struct  debugOpenQueueEntry_t
struct  openqueue_vars_t


#define QUEUELENGTH   10


void openqueue_init (void)
 Initialize this module. More...
bool debugPrint_queue (void)
 Trigger this module to print status information, over serial. More...
OpenQueueEntry_topenqueue_getFreePacketBuffer (uint8_t creator)
 Request a new (free) packet buffer. More...
owerror_t openqueue_freePacketBuffer (OpenQueueEntry_t *pkt)
 Free a previously-allocated packet buffer. More...
void openqueue_removeAllCreatedBy (uint8_t creator)
 Free all the packet buffers created by a specific module. More...
void openqueue_removeAllOwnedBy (uint8_t owner)
 Free all the packet buffers owned by a specific module. More...
OpenQueueEntry_topenqueue_sixtopGetSentPacket (void)
OpenQueueEntry_topenqueue_sixtopGetReceivedPacket (void)
OpenQueueEntry_topenqueue_macGetDataPacket (open_addr_t *toNeighbor)
OpenQueueEntry_topenqueue_macGetAdvPacket (void)