OpenWSN Firmware
udpstorm.c File Reference
#include "openwsn.h"
#include "udpstorm.h"
#include "opencoap.h"
#include "opentimers.h"
#include "openqueue.h"
#include "packetfunctions.h"
#include "openserial.h"
#include "openrandom.h"
#include "scheduler.h"
#include "IEEE802154E.h"
#include "idmanager.h"


owerror_t udpstorm_receive (OpenQueueEntry_t *msg, coap_header_iht *coap_header, coap_option_iht *coap_options)
void udpstorm_timer_cb (void)
void udpstorm_task_cb (void)
void udpstorm_sendDone (OpenQueueEntry_t *msg, owerror_t error)
void udpstorm_init (void)


const uint8_t udpstorm_path0 [] = "storm"
const uint8_t udpstorm_payload [] = "OpenWSN"
udpstorm_vars_t udpstorm_vars

Function Documentation

owerror_t udpstorm_receive ( OpenQueueEntry_t msg,
coap_header_iht coap_header,
coap_option_iht coap_options 
void udpstorm_sendDone ( OpenQueueEntry_t msg,
owerror_t  error 
void udpstorm_task_cb ( void  )
void udpstorm_timer_cb ( )
timer fired, but we don't want to execute task in ISR mode instead, push task to scheduler with CoAP priority, and let scheduler take care of it.

Variable Documentation

const uint8_t udpstorm_path0[] = "storm"
const uint8_t udpstorm_payload[] = "OpenWSN"
udpstorm_vars_t udpstorm_vars